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Phantasmoire Lugra Morphing Potion Phantasmoire Novyn Morphing Potion Phantasmoire Trido Morphing Potion

It's Phantasmoire, the spookiest season in Terrafrost! If you want to get in the holiday spirit, why not give your Pets a festive new look? It's now easier than ever, because starting today, all Phantasmoire Morphing Potions will be stocking in the Snow Jar Igloo! The only exceptions are the Phantasmoire Xephyr and Phantasmoire Jakrit Morphing Potions; those two will be a little more tricky to get your hands on...

Phantasmoire Snow Jar

Is your favorite Morphing Potion out of stock? You might want to head over to the I.C.E Shop instead. There, you can buy a Phantasmoire Snow Jar for a fair price of 1,000 IceCash (900 for Gold Accounts.) After October ends, this Item will be going back into storage, so pick one up while the opportunity lasts.

Full Haunting Treat Bag

Remember, the more Phantasmoire Pets you have, the more Haunting Treat Bags you can fill. So not only will these potions give you an awesomely-spooky Pet, but they'll allow you to stock up on more treats than ever, too!

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