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Laravel 5.5 - will you be updating?


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For those of you who use Laravel as your sites framework, will you be looking at 5.5 (coming out in the next month or so) as your next update? The features look good as always in this release. I am digging how the Mailables can be rendered to browsers, and some of the mother goodies in there that will make things much easier.



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Probably not anytime too soon.

Only recently upgraded Eliyo to Laravel 5 and it's on 5.4 now and then Wild Howlz was just recently upgraded to 5.3. Upgrading Laravel tends to be more of a hassle than I feel like it should be within the same version, and upgrading from 4 to 5 was really time consuming especially. But since Laravel 5.5 requires PHP7 it'll probably be even longer.

I would like to upgrade to 7, but at the moment Animal Acres has some unsupported features and it'll probably be a while before I convert the full code base to be PHP7 compatible. Not too mention would require updating my server and it's php version which I just did for the Laravel 5 upgrade, was a minor one and wasn't too bad really, but I hate doing stuff like that. So not in a hurry to do so anytime soon, plus it's a bigger jump so might not go as smoothly.

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I'm using Lumen (the microservice-y version of Laravel), but I've successfully updated to 5.5.

One thing I ran into: if you're using sentry to track errors, their plugin seems to not work right on the new version. It was inexplicably causing all of the Request objects that were injected into Guards to be completely devoid of request data, breaking auth.

All of the controllers got perfectly good Request instances injected into them, so it's kind of a weird bug!


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