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CelestialEquine: Development updates and more!


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Development updates and more!

Spooky updates!

Thank you all for your patience as well have focused on some behind the scenes updates as of late. I am so excited to announce that we have now shifted gears to our User Interface and its necessary updates!

Keep reading this news post for more information on the following:

- Development plans through the new year
- Pending releases

First off, our development updates! Evi has recently resolved issues with pagination in player inventory areas and the trade/auction boards! This has been a long awaited update and is sure to improve player experiences on CE. Big thank you to Evi!

Next up, we will be focusing on updating the flow of player inventory to allow for easier item use/shop stocking. We will also be updating the horse pedigree page to be more appealing!

In addition to the mentioned UI updates, we are also working hard to optimize the mobile views for CE. This is another long awaited update that we are thrilled to get working on.

What areas would you like to see revamped/tweaks? Be sure to post in the comments as we heavily rely on player feedback!

Bug Reporting
We are introducing a new ticket-based bug reporting flow for the Discord chat! The goal here is to have better tracking and organization than we have had in the past. Bugs are increasingly difficult to keep organized and this seems to be an exciting potential solution!

Thank you all for reading this update! Stay tuned for additional news in the near future.

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