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IcePets.com: The Talityl Lakes Are Clean Once More!


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Talytil Lakes Map

The Talytil Lakes are clean once more, and Pets and Companions alike are already flocking to its waters.

"It's excitin' to see the Lakes bustling," Gilbert admits.

"Sure is!" Jacobi says, clapping his paws together. "Look! A Wabby is already exploring the shore -- that Traptur better watch their toes!"

A nearby Yellow Traptur looks up in alarm, then down, and gently pushes the approaching Wabby away with their tail.

"Anyway," Gilbert says. "Thank you all for comin' to help clean up. We couldn't have done it without you."

Aquatic Staff

Congratulations, Terrafrostians, on successfully Cleaning Talytil Lakes, our 2023 Discovery Event! Thank you all for taking part, and for your patience with the many hiccups along the way. We have learned a lot from this experience, and appreciate all of your feedback and support!

Talytil Lakes 2023 TrophyGone Fishing StampAquatic Avatar

All stretch goals were achieved, totaling in over 90,000 points collectively earned by over 100 Terrafrostians! This means everyone who took part will receive the following prizes over the upcoming days:

- Event Avatar
- Event Trophy
- 1x Aquatic Staff
- Discovery Avatar
- 175,000 IcePoints
- 1x Muck Ice Cube
- Event Profile Skin
- 1x Aquatic Snow Jar
- 1x Gone Fishing Stamp
- 7 Days Gold Account Time
- 1x Snapping Seafood Salad
- 1x Alluring Information Book
- 1x Random Aquatic Companion

Chilly Muck Ice CubeMuck Ice CubeMoving Muck Ice Cube
Chilly Gunk Ice CubeGunk Ice CubeMoving Gunk Ice Cube

Introducing the Chilly Muck Ice Cube, Muck Ice Cube, Moving Muck Ice Cube, Chilly Gunk Ice Cube, Gunk Ice Cube, and Moving Gunk Ice Cube -- though the waters are pristine now, it's important to keep on top of it to prevent another mess! This means the occasional Muck and Gunk can still be fished up, and you may even turn them into Ice Cubes at the Ice Box.

Aquatic Zabeu
Aquatic LugraAquatic Ridix
Aquatic OriAquatic Krittle

Of course, we can't forget our newest Pet Colour: Aquatic! These Pets were discovered by the Terrafrostian who were the first to fish up their Morphing Potions, and the Aquatic colour itself when the Aquatic Snow Jar was first fished up. Another round of congratulations to @Heaven, @Voermina, @Sumasuun, @Kamisheru14, and @Travis for their discoveries!

We felt this fit the discovery aspect of the event, and future Aquatic Pets will be discovered in the same way!

Aquatic Snow Jar
Aquatic Lugra Morphing PotionAquatic Ridix Morphing PotionAquatic Ori Morphing PotionAquatic Krittle Morphing Potion

The Aquatic Snow Jar, Aquatic Lugra Morphing Potion, Aquatic Ridix Morphing Potion, Aquatic Ori Morphing Potion, and Aquatic Krittle Morphing Potion are all also be available in the I.C.E Shop for 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts) from now until the end of October.


"Howdy," Gilbert says. "This whole thing got me thinkin'. Someone -- not Jacobi, he has his Companion Reserve in the Halipar Jungles to run -- has to keep an eye on the Companions. Make sure they are taken care of, and not compelled to hoard junk in the Talytil Lakes again."

"The Reserve is under control," Jacobi assures. He does not elaborate further.

"So I've decided to open up my own fishin' shop," Gilbert says, ignoring Jacobi. "I'm calling it Gilbert's Lucky Lures, and the proceeds will go towards taking care of the local Companions."

Imit LureEquea Lure
Teuligo LureLake Bloom LureLadon Lure
Simple Colour LurePatterned Colour LureMarvelous Colour Lure

Gilbert's initial stock of lures are the Imit Lure, Equea Lure, Teuligo Lure, Lake Bloom Lure, Ladon Lure, Simple Colour Lure, Patterned Colour Lure, and Marvelous Colour Lure.

These lures all boost -- but do not guarantee! -- the likelihood of fishing up the Companion or Companion Colour they are associated with. All lures are also single-use... but you may use a lure each time you fish, so don't be shy about stocking up!

Alluring Information

With the conclusion of the Discovery Event, we are pleased to announce both the Fishing Skill and Fishing Log!

The initial three Fishing locations will require 0 fishing skill, but any new locations will require a certain amount of skill before you can fish there. The skill cap will increase with each new location.

Any Companions you catch while fishing will be recorded in your Fishing Log, including however many times you do so! (Traded Companions won't count towards your Log... Gilbert will know.)

Who knows what other locations -- and Items -- are just waiting to be discovered...?


Speaking of new Fishing locations, one of the locals has opened up their Lakeside Cottage to experienced anglers!

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