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Wajas: CWP Buying Limits


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Hey Everyone! We updated our Buy CWP page to add a $500 weekly buying limit per account. New accounts (under 30 days old) have a smaller weekly limit of $100. This change is to protect you and us against any accidental or duplicate purchases and fraudulent activity. Should you hit the limit, the page will show that you've reached it. No scary messages or anything of the sort. If that limit is too low for you, please submit a modbox report so that we can look into raising your limit manually. (Again, this is per account. If you purchase on your second account you will need to repeat this process for that account.) We have already raised that limit for some players based off their past purchases, so please don't submit a modbox report unless the Buy CWP page shows that you hit your limit. If someone were to suddenly buy $1000s of CWP it sets off a lot of alarms for us and even PayPal gets suspicious. Not to mention, often times when we experience repeated purchases in the

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