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A BUNCH of news.


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  • First is that the NPC's are getting a whole new look.

Some NPC's might have some alterations, some might suffer big changes and some might stays the same, but it's in a different art style.

5968e250856dd_LUC1G07CH1NewImage.png.af9ab6454c8b9a7ef255e5fa6b6f283e.pngShe's the one which everyone knows, she's the narrator/major (okay hasn't she too young for this?)/Horumine version of the sitecreator/etc.

5968e266c6a82_FantalianaStrikesBack.png.e4f5569a00d8b73a52b3540f4372be4d.pngDo you remember her? Probably not. But she has been a toy seller. She is very kind, but very shy and insecure (soon i'll tell you why).

596bdcf0c7d5c_SoucieNewart.png.d1bb503f26e404efe2148b8c7dc2a4aa.pngThe super and always happy Soucie.

596bdd0eeacd3_Sousabethnewart.png.0f2149cfb5ebae1f98a3e51f3dbb28eb.pngThe science gal (now she looks like someone with her age yay)

596bdd3fa4e25_NinjaNightsnewart.png.7228f0b4a4b76477c8786e728a8f6fc3.pngA Horumine tribute to Luci's (me) younger sister because she's awesome

596bdd8f4fb3a_NewNPC.png.7194b9f46fcf252ee33499456de2d8bd.pngFinally a male NPC here, and he's just fabulous.

596cbb3c56c4b_Sylerebooted.png.9bdeb83b46e3a5a318c6cfa073d492ad.pngJust saying that Syle doesn't have an expecific gender, so their gender is up for you.

Finally finished the NPC images for now.

Later More NPC's will have their art re-drawn.


  • Inventory bug is 1 step of being fixed, you can finally use itens again.


  • New pets added! They'll have a cheap price untill tomorrow because promotions. They'll have their default price tomorrow.



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