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Wajas: Spotlight day 25: Court Jesters & Dreamscapes


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Dreamscapes Court Jesters Sub Breeds featured in this spotlight!   Court♦Jesters Subbreed Thread | Guild Link Cost to make: 30 CWP + ~550,000 WC Celebratory Month: May / Mayhem Subbreed Blurb: Court♦Jesters are a classic design converted into a subbreed back in 2016. Made with simply a Gold Token and 1 in-shop Dye, these wajas can come in any assortment of colors, as true jesters should be! Join us and help the Jesters spread some fun in your cave! Examples:   ☁️Dreamscapes☁️ Subbreed Thread | Guild Link Cost to make: 63 CWP Celebratory Month: N/A Subbreed Blurb: Hello and welcome to our sub breed DreamScapes! This was a sub breed designed by Yume and a mascot of the club back then known as Design Dreamers. Although it has unfortunately fallen inactive, I received permission to revive the Sub-Breed! Please do settle down, get comfy as we here can always chat, have fun

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