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Wajas: Spotlight day 23: Sabers & Froggy Wajas


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Sabers Froggy Wajas Sub Breeds featured in this spotlight!   Sabers Sabers: Sharpen Your Fangs! | The Fang Gang Cost to make: 55 CWP (a bit more if you need a breed changer). Celebratory Month: February / Saberary Subbreed Blurb:  Sabers are an old, old sub breed (the oldest, in fact, pre-dating the site itself!) steeped in Wajas history.  Our standards are simple and so easy to work with. Both full and partial Sabers are equally welcomed! Before DNAs were created, we only had one way to create a full Saber: throw a Mutation Pear at a partial and cross your fingers r eally hard . Naturally, this led to variants such as Pre-Sabers, Woolys, Goblin and Bat Winged Sabers that are still popular. In fact, we kinda missed those wild old days, so every year we celebrate them with our annual Pear-A-Saber competition, which is just as chaotic and fun as it sounds! Whether you prefer naturally colored primeval beasts or full on tex

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