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IcePets.com: Autumn Leaves Are Falling


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Autumn Surprise Basket

Leaves are changing colour, the temperatures are dropping, and you smell some piping hot apple cider brewing -- that means it's time for the Autumn Surprise Basket to make its grand return! This openable has one of several autumn-themed goodies inside, including a few never-before-seen Items. You can pick one up at any NPC Shop until October 3rd at 23:59!

Pizza I.C.E AvatarGuitar I.C.E Avatar

Mm, what's that wonderful smell? I bet it's the brand new Pizza I.C.E Avatar! Oh, and it is joined by the new Guitar I.C.E. Avatar! The mouthwatering and soothing songs Avatars can now be purchased at the I.C.E Shop for just 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts.) If you enjoy a tasty pizza pie, this is a must-have for you.

Solitude AvatarCoffee I.C.E AvatarSnowslide Discovery Avatar

In an attempt to mask the delicious smell, the Pizza Avatar was contained in a dome. It looked so good that all avatar items have been revamped and are now proudly displayed in new domes. Suitable for a museum!

Pasta Salad Dreamworld Freakshake

In addition, we'd like to announce four new Items requested by our userbase! First up is the Pasta Salad, funded by @smallsamoyed. It's a colorful assortment of delicious flavors! You can find it at the Glacial Grocer or receive it as a reward from the Candy Quest. Starting next week, the Space Quest will add it to its list as well. Up next is the Dreamworld Freakshake, which was funded by @Pixie. It's richer than you could have ever dreamed! Find it at Affogato or receive it after completing some Space Quests. Be sure to save some leftovers for the Candy Quest next week, too!

Crystal Makoat Plushie Jack-o-Melon

We'd also like to introduce the lovable Crystal Makoat Plushie. This sparkly plush was funded by @Ines and is sure to be your new best friend! Pick one up at the Plushie Palace or complete some Book Quests to get it as a reward. You might want to pick up some extras as well, because the Plushie Quest will start seeking it next week. Finally, we have the spooky Jack-o-Melon, funded by @Voermina! It's a refreshing way to get in the spirit of Phantasmoire. You can buy it at the Glacial Grocer and receive it from the Candy Quest. Save a few extras for the Space Quest next week, too!

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