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Wajas: Spotlight day 18: Hooligans


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Hooligans Sub Breeds featured in this spotlight!   HOOLIGANS Subbreed Thread  |  Guild Link Cost to make:  26 CWP for a Silver Token Custom, 6 CWP to dye up a Hooligan Base (rough estimates) Celebratory Month:  January / "Hooliversary" Subbreed Blurb:  Hooligans crashed the party in early 2019 and haven't apologized since. They're punk-inspired, in-your-face and always ready to welcome a fresh new hooligan into the mosh pit! Their breed standards are looser than most subbreeds, making for a wild variety of colors and mutations. It's all about self-expression and fighting for your right to party! Extra markings, alternate layering and breaking the color standard don't make your hooligan less of hooligan. It makes your hooligan MORE of a hooligan because we're a counter-culture subbreed that spitz on the concept of being boxed in! Examples:  

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