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Shield of Talytil Lake

The waters around the pier of Talytil Lake are once again crystal clear -- well done, everyone! To show their appreciation, Jacobi and Gilbert have begun preparing some gifts.

"Y'all work fast," Gilbert says, sounding impressed. "Really fast. I wouldn't be surprised if you find yourselves catching far less at the pier now, given all the muck is gone. Jacobi will also need some time to wrangle it all before we can count any more."

"Wait," Jacobi says. "You didn't tell me I was the one in charge of moving the muck-"

Plain BoatLugra Soap

Gilbert has also readied enough boats to allow Terrafrostians to continue cleaning further from the pier -- albeit with themself at the helm!

"Please remember to not jump, wiggle, shake, or otherwise attempt to capsize the boat," they say, ignoring Jacobi. "Regardless of how interesting you think your latest catch is. I assure you my ire isn't worth it."

"Let me know if you find any more Companions!" Jacobi says cheerfully, a pile of muck in one paw, an Imit in the other. "Though ideally ones less prone to pinching. The Imits are cute, but -- ow! Really?"

Water Cycle Stamp

For a long as the event is active, you may join us in cleaning Talytil Lake at any time!

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