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Wajas: Spotlight day 12: Benevolent Bovines & Knife Lights


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Benevolent Bovines Knife Lights Sub Breeds featured in this spotlight! Benevolent Bovines Subbreed Thread Cost to make: 28 CWP Celebratory Month:  N/A Subbreed Blurb: Mooooooove on over for the most LEGEND DAIRY sub-breed. If you find yourself at an UDDER lack of excitement head on over to our FARMACY and get a prescription for fun! Be careful not to get run over in the excitement! Our cows only wear bells because their horns don't work! Examples:   Knife Lights Subbreed Thread  |  Guild Link Cost to make:  About 48 CWP Celebratory Month:  December / Advent Lights Subbreed Blurb:  Let the light of the lanterns guide your way... Knife Lights are mysterious wajas that come in many shapes and sizes - some are peaceful guardians, while others may be clever tricksters. During the night, as they carry their treasured lanterns, their markings glow faintly with an eerie light. Knife Li

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