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Wajas: Spotlight day 10: Jewels of Atlantis & Sassy Unicorns!


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Jewels of Atlantis Sassy Unicorn Sub Breeds featured in this spotlight! Jewels of Atlantis Subbreed Thread  |  Guild Link Cost to make:  Roughly 28 CWP Celebratory Month:  July / Jewel-ly Subbreed Blurb:  In the depths of the ocean, there once thrived a city of great intrigue and ingenuity: Atlantis. All that remains of it are these wondrous jewels. No one is quite sure where they came from, but they manifest in all shapes, sizes, and in all colors of the rainbow. What Jewel may call out to you? Jewels of Atlantis is an active subbreed, with over 200 members and more than 100 customs to breed with. It has also inspired the creation of two new subsubbreeds: Remnant and Fragmented. If you're looking for your first Jewel, you'll find our Giveaway thread in the Giveaway forum! Examples:   Sassy Unicorns Subbreed Thread  |  Guild Link Cost to make:  ~33 CWP Celebratory M

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