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Wajas: Cave update, more bulk options!


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Bulk Rename Bulk Price Cave Update that's the bulk of it! Bulk Rename Click image for full version The first new bulk option is the ability to bulk rename your Wajas!  This will allow you to give multiple Wajas at once the same name / title.  As seen in the image, it will take you to a new page where you'll be able to insert the name and title you want for the Waja(s). can update the name and/or title leave a field blank to leave it unchanged shows a summary of what will be changed and what will not Bulk Price Click image for full version The next new bulk option, is the ability to bulk price your Wajas!  Select the Waja(s) you'd like to apply a price to and then it will take you to the page displayed above.  You'll enter in your price, and then update and all of those Wajas will be either up for sale or up for breeding! can set sale price in CWP and WC can set breed price

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