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Exploring system is coming soon!


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(i'll be also posting this in official forum of the game (I've lost it)).

Okay, so the exploring system will be simple. If you click on the links on the bottom of the text, you proceed. And in some parts you might have a big patience to go to a page with a code. With this code, you can get some stuff.

This will be only for places outside the town. The town haves links to the stores, some might be closed (this inventory bug is making me triggered), some are open.
And when you proceed, you'll encounter a NPC passing by and you can talk with them using the links above the NPC. They'll have different reactions depending of what you'll do.


Have this world map i made. Looks like that it's bloody, but well...it's only ink.


The world map is also in progress, through (see that dot with a "Soon!" closer to it).


In total it'll have 6 places.

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