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IcePets.com: A Fairy and a Dragon Fly Into Space...


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StardanceMountain Dragon

Sometimes, Jacobi goes on grand adventures. Sometimes, there's a weird light one night and he goes to investigate... and finds the twirling and whirling Stardance, funded by @Mewtwo for @Irissa, on behalf of @Hope (who also designed it)!

Discovered alongside it is the grand Mountain Dragon, funded by @petshopgirl for @POURRITURE! While he's not entirely sure what's going on, both Companions are now available for adoption over at Jacobi's Companion Reserve for a small fee.

Whimsical NotebookClassic NotebookColourful Notebook

What good is a pencil without some paper? Give your Pet all the doodling space they could ever want with the brand new Whimsical Notebook, Classic Notebook, and Colourful Notebook. (They could also use them to take notes, but where's the fun in that?)

All three can be found over at Ralph's Page Turners, and a week from now the Book Quest will be begin asking for them.

PopperLugra Squishy ToySequin Pillow

Fidget SpinnerSensory Book

We're starting to think Samuel hasn't slept for a week... but he sure has a lot to show for it! Introducing the Popper, Lugra Squishy, Sequin Pillow, Fidget Spinner, and Sensory Book, your household will now know peace... or chaos. Choose wisely.

All five sensory toys are now stocking at the Toy Trunk, and a week from now the Space Quest will begin asking for them.

Chew NecklaceSensory Ice Cube

Claire has also been busy designing the colourful and durable Chew Necklace, which pairs perfectly with Kolzak's new Sensory Ice Cube.

The Chew Necklace is now stocking at Grooming Parlour. Meanwhile, the Sensory Ice Cube is now stocking at the Frozen Collectives Emporium, and a week from now the Snowman Quest will begin asking for it.

Fairy Queen PlushLight Fairy Plush

The soft and lovable Patches has just finished up the soft and lovable Fairy Queen Plush and Light Fairy Plush -- the perfect duo for Pets afraid of things that go bump in the night.

Both Plushies are now stocking at the Plushie Palace. They may be given out as rewards from the Book Quest, and a week from now the Plushie Quest will begin requesting them.

Light Fairy StampCommemorative Royal Fairy Stamp

We're not done yet! "Stamps are but wings for mail!" Yogi says, and he is excited to debut both the Light Fairy Stamp and Commemorative Royal Fairy Stamp. Both are now stocking at the United Terrafrost Post Office, and are not associated with any quests.

All of these new fairy Plushies and Stamps were funded by @Mewtwo for @Irissa, on behalf of @Hope. Thank you all for this assortment of fairy magic!

Fire Fairy FigurineWind Fairy FigurineMetal Fairy FigurineFairy Queen Figurine

Samuel has officially not slept in a week. A new line of figurines have hit the shelves, all funded by @Mewtwo! Stop by today to grab your very own Fire Fairy Figurine (funded for @petshopgirl), Wind Fairy Figurine (funded for @Heaven), Metal Fairy Figurine (funded for @Voermina), and Fairy Queen Figurine (funded for @Irissa, on behalf of @Hope)!

Love of TomorrowAll The Places You'll Never Go!

For those less keen on doodling in their books, Love of Tomorrow (funded by @Mewtwo, for @Cibola) and All The Places You'll Never Go! (funded by @petshopgirl, for @POURRITURE) have just hit the shelves! Maybe the true prize all along was friendship...

Both are now stocking at Ralph's Page Turners, and a week from now the Book Quest will be begin asking for them.

Tummy RumblerHot Water BottleTASA Sweater

Last -- but most certainly not least! -- we have everything you'd ever need to go to space! A fantastic light and alien-whapper? The endearing Tummy Rumbler has you covered! Cold in space? Hot Water Bottle! It's squishy, it's hot, it's got water in it (when filled with water)!

Still cold for some reason? Not anymore with the wool knit TASA Sweater -- and you get to proudly represent the Terrafrostian Astronomy and Space Association (which is 100% a Very Real Thing, please do not check).

All of these stellar items were funded by @petshopgirl for @POURRITURE -- thank you for helping your fellow Terrafrostians reach the endlessness of the void beyond!

The shopkeepers of the Battle Shop, Toy Trunk, and Grooming Parlour respectively do not advise going to space with these exciting new items. They also wish to note that a week from now, the Weapons Quest will begin requesting the Tummy Rumbler and the Space Quest will begin requesting the Hot Water Bottle. The TASA Sweater is not associated with any quests.

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