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Enchanted Soul

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Enchanted Soul is a fantasy + modern life game where you can own the Encarses
Encarses are small creatures that starts their life as a token. With soul chances (clicks) you can bring them to life.

There are also cool, beautiful, funny and weird NPC's along the pages. They are the dominant species of the site, the Horumines, an anthropomorpic version of Encarses.

Use Amethyst Dust and Phantom Quartz (coming soon!) to buy stuff.


The site is stills a beta, and it'll be not when i launch all the features it needs on the site. So stay tuned when something launchs or gets retired.

Official Forum

Coming Soon Patreon (i'll ask my parents and brother if i can keep this)

Trello Page

Edit: A Facebook page has been created. In there has spoilers of all pets, memes (i'm a memelord) and more!

Hey! You're still here? Good. Have a glowing lolipop.

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10 hours ago, LuciBeingLuci said:

Only the coding-related development is cancelled. I'm currently making a simple exploring system using the custom pages system :relieved:

I even did a world map.

@LuciBeingLuci: If you need any help with debuging coding issues on Enchanted souls I could certainly give it a look though. :) Plus I could use the experience in debugging.

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