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MFV Lineart Sneak Peek


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The MFV's linearts has been revealed! And there's only few things to do untill it's done. (few, hah!)

Egg: updt_lineart_3_by_xluc_1-dbfox7n.png

Hatchling: updt_lineart_4_by_xluc_1-dbfoxw6.png

Guy: updt_lineart_1_by_xluc_1-dbfow76.png

Gal: updt_lineart_2_by_xluc_1-dbfow7u.png


Always remember that males and females has both special traits (colors of antennas/nose (males have black antennas and nose, then females have these colored but black), coloring of skin/fur/wings/males can't have any pink unless eyes (i changed their rules again because males can be fabulous).) that you will might know who's who. But hatchlings are still the same.

See you later~

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