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Patreon for In-Development games

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Just wondering if doing a patreon for an in-development pet/SIM game helps much at all. What is your personal thoughts on a patreon for a pet/SIM game and would you personally donate? Any tips? Any current pet/SIM games with patreons started for them?


EDIT:: And what do you think is needed to have a successful patreon for these types of game? Item rewards?

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I know Novilar has a patreon, I also know of other niche (but not Pet/SIM) games that use patreon, which has proved more beneficial than maybe a kickstarter.

The visual novel crown of leaves recently released a Demo after 2 years of patreon support, and I'm sure it has gone a long way into giving them the polish they wanted. https://www.patreon.com/lingrimm

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