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Donations and Supporting TGL


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So, I have been approached by a few members who have been interested in helping out the site by donating. To make this a little easier for members, you can now donate through the site by visiting our Donation Goals page.

I am working now on a Donation rank for those who donate, which will allow for more freedom in using the forums and some perks. These will be retroactive to all donators.

Please keep in mind that I am not asking for donations, but making it easier for those who wish to help out. The site will always be online and well-managed, regardless of donations or financial support. Any donations gained go into me being able to purchase art for adoptable, expanding the adoptable system, or other projects or things that TGL may do in the future.

I value every member here, active or lurking, even those that signed up and haven't been back since. Without you guys, TGL would not where it is today.

:star: Pet Site Owners

The best way you can support the site is by purchasing advertising here on the boards. As of this thread's creation date, we receive approximately 20,000 unique page views monthly. We now have several options available (all affordable - less then a cup of coffee a month actually). By purchasing advertisements, you directly support the site and gain valuable traffic in the process.

If you wish to learn more about our traffic statistics, or wish to setup some form of special advertising / promotion, please get in touch with me.

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