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Does anyone remember this game? 

I used to play it every day, and even though there wasn't much to do I really enjoyed it. Does anyone know if there is a chance of the game ever coming back? Last I heard, the owner (Tyrant) was trying to sell the artwork, but that was a really long time ago and I don't know what ever happened with it.

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I was a moderator/staff member on Vis-Servo, so I'm familiar with almost every single detail as to why VS went down and why it also never finished its rebranding plan. Back in June 2013, Jade dissolved her short partnership with Tyrant (the original owner/creator) without any warning and essentially reverted ownership back to Tyrant. In doing so, Jade deleted all new programming (which she coded, so fair enough in my eyes), but she also deleted all new user accounts and associated data that was created during this brief partnership. Unfortunately, at this time, Tyrant wasn't keeping daily or even weekly backups, so her only backup was from April, which was terribly out of date at that point (even though it was only 2 months old). Not only that, but a lot of the features on VS were released uncompleted or released with severe bugs, which prompted many users to become frustrated with the game's lack of promising development. To remedy this, Tyrant thought a rebranding plan would be a good idea, but with a new child and a lack of funds (correct me if I'm wrong please), they both ultimately lead to the game's demise.

Trust me, Tyrant loved VS and put a ton of her time into it, so letting it go definitely wasn't easy. But with all that happened, the game as it was after the dissolved partnership was not functional enough to be played anymore. The re-development of the site was a good idea, but it required a lot of effort and many players (even though we had many dedicated players) had unfortunately lost interest in the game and were unlikely to support the game in the future. After all of this, I think it just became easier for Tyrant to let the game go and sell all of the game's assets in an attempt to gain some of the portion of her investment back from the game.

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There are multiple sides to every story. As far as my view point goes, I asked her to buy Vis Servo because she was not contributing to any of the work being done on it. She refused and I was unwilling to continue paying for the hosting and graphics and do all the programming on it by myself. I was supporting the site 100% and paying several hundred dollars a month to keep it running. When she said she would not sell it I dissolved the partnership and took back all the work I'd put into it. I gave her a copy of the database info that was relevant, so no, I did not delete new player information. I reverted the game to the state it was in before we became partners and took everything I had paid for.

I would still love to get the game back up and running but since Tyrant would not sell and would not pay for the work I did I don't see that happening anytime in the future. I'm glad you liked VS, I loved it too and I would be thrilled to have it up again if she and I could come to some kind of agreement.

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