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Pocket Puma Pets: A PSA from a site member!


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Dr Seikanstein [ 955 ] is offering free kittens to everyone. Please follow directions!

FREE KITTENS! Please Read!

It's a busy morning, and just like every day, people hurry down the street heads down as they try not to regard each other, in a rush to get to their destinations.
An old man sits on the corner, his hand resting on a box. Nobody pays him any notice and he makes no attempt to get their attention; until you approach.
A slight smile cracks across his weathered face, as he looks at you, his tired eyes seeming to glimmer with hope.
"Excuse me." His voice is gruff, yet almost pleading.
His leathery finger points to the box beside him. There is a faint mewing sound coming from inside, and painted in big letters across it reads:


Do you dare take a peak inside?
peak inside

Do you find yourself struggling to decide which new puma to add to your den?
Do you not want to spend a lot of pumapence in adding another addition to your den?
Do you want to adopt a kit looking for a new home?

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then look no further.
Consider adopting a free kitten!

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