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Creative Forum?


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Often I find myself wanting to post art or creative related threads that isn't a guide... but it also doesn't fit in the marketplace. Throwing it in off-topic or entertainment just doesn't seem to fit, either. I know there's the gaming development forum, but I have had a few ideas that aren't really game-specific either.

Is it possible to have a creative forum added? Possible things to discuss:

  • smaller art tips, tricks, suggestions
  • art related news
  • style related questions (could tie into games!)
  • dev questions for artists / about art
  • questions about making art assets
  • critiques
  • art challenges
  • official/unofficial contests
  • and honestly a lot more!

As a largely creative community, I feel this forum could have a lot of potential. If it might come later with more activity, or should already go somewhere, could I know where (and possibly have a little clarification on the forum description text?) @Digital

Thanks so much!!!

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Ask and you shall receive.

The reason they all blurred together was to make the structure work for the single fluid display, however in the end I wasn't keen on it. I have done a quick and dirty clean up of the discussions of creative topics in the Game Development forum and moved them over as well.

Also we have Coding and Programming back as well. Tomorrow I will be further cleaning it all up.

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