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Casting for a New Reality Game

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We are casting for a new online reality game. The game will be similar to Big Brother. Players will partake in competitions and a weekly live show. Players will be paid for each week in the house (through PayPal) and the winner will receive a grand prize.

Regular members (those not in the house) will be able to watch and discuss the show, as well as influence the game.

We would love to hear your feedback-- let us know below. If you are interested in being a contestant, please send a PM as we would like to keep your interest under wraps.

More information and screenshots will come as the premier approaches (as well as the date).

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how will these people "live together in a house" ? Which state will this be occuring in? 
also if this is online and people wont be in the same place as each other, how will you solve the problem of mic quality, video quality, streaming, etc.? I know a lot of people, skype isnt a viable option. Will your parameters be based around audio/visual logistics?

I know when I watch other live online shows and such and they have a viewer "call in" they often have to drop calls because video/audio quality.

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