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Forum Adoptable Update Released


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So, after a little bit of a break, we have an update to the Forum Adoptables here on the boards. This updates changes a lot in terms of how Adoptables level up.

No more power!

You lovely little friend no longer just collects power endlessly to grow, they now gain experience. These experience points turn into levels. At certain levels evolution unlock instead at certain power thresholds.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that XP means more. It also means that your Adoptable will evolve a little slower then it used to. In the past I have always felt they evolved quickly. I originally set the pet's evolution baselines lower since we were growing, but the forums took off, and well, it became almost too easy to evolve. This should slow it down a little without making it too easy.

Levels are also at a curve, so the higher the level, the harder it is to fill the bar to the next level. Levels and such will make more sense in a future update. This update just gives me the framework.

To balance out this curve, you earn more XP per post, new topic, or review, or someone liking your posts then before. It pays to post and be active!

The start of functionality to allow outside sharing of your pets

Also, I have revamped how pets are displayed, in the past the adoptable's image and backdrop were displayed as two different images (backdrop just being displayed as a css background behind the adoptable). I rewrote this where Adoptable's are now generated into a single image, so you can expect options to embed or share your pets on other sites in a future release (or right now you can right click, save image as if you want to keep your little guy on your computer.)


This release was mostly to clean up things, and get things setup for future goodies, and give a good foundation for some fun things in the pipeline.

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1 hour ago, Nova said:

Awesome! :)


I have noticed, however, that my White Mottled Hare is no longer displayed. Is that a bug, or is it on my side?

It is a bug, some backdrop images are causing small issues, I am working through them, I guarantee your Hare is still safe and sound :) 

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