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Concept Game: Bouncy

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Bouncy is a relatively simple game with 3 walls, a paddle, and a ball. Each time the ball is hit by the player it will get progressively faster. However the speed of the ball will eventually hit a max ceiling that will border on Battletoads Orange Hard Difficulty. If you can survive that long you will earn a huge amount of points from it. You will only have one life in this game, if you miss the ball once the game ends. There will be calming music during the beginning portion of the game but the music will change as the speed of the ball increases. Eventually you will hear this:


When you hear this you are at the max difficulty rating. A timer will begin to count down and if you survive that long you will be labeled a grand master. Maybe in future builds you will have to deal with walls coming in and baddies.

While this is nice and all there are going to be many technical limitations I will have to overcome:

Collision Detection which will be pretty much my worse enemy, and will need to be as precise as possible for this gameplay to work. Without this working the game will be unplayable. This will probably require a lot of outside knowledge and help. I don't have any money to pay for this as I don't do money transactions online. Not to mention that basically every single game through the history of video games requires collision detection.

Graphic generation will also be a problem. I will need to display graphics to the screen which is a big challenge if I do this in C++.

Number counter will be a relatively smaller problem. The number counter will keep score of how many points the user has recieved and as such will be of lower priority.

Music will most likely be a optional feature for the very first iterations and might not be added till later but something that could still trip me up.


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