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Quiet but busy!


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I know I usually post several news updates a week for the community, and that I have been quiet over the past two weeks or so. I wanted to touch base and let the community know that I have not been totally absent. I have been a little busier at work then is normal, however the primary reason I have been quieter on the boards is wrapping up the next Adoptables release which will see a new way to level and evolve pets, moving from the power based system to a new XP based system. It also sets up the next few releases after with other cool things.

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20 minutes ago, SilverBrick said:

ok digital and why don't we have a pet profile we stats like energy , mood and hunger

The Adoptables here on the forums are for fun, they are not designed to be a full fledged game in their entirety, but something community members can collect and level up while participating in community based activities :-) 

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