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Wajas: Update to DUC and Art Rule Clarification


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   **Clarification** Art Rules On July 7th we posted about an update to Rule #2 of the Art Rules (click here to go to the news post). Based on some questions we've received, we want to provide further clarification: Firstly, Wajas absolutely allows players to make use of Wajas art (wallpapers, items, waja images, etc) when selling banners / tags / etc. on site. Originally, this allowance was paired with a rule that stated each usage needed to be credited to a specific artist. This rule was written a few years ago during the first major revamp of art sale rules, and we recently realized that the rule was too strict (and not often enforced). So, the rule was changed on the 8th. For future use of Wajas art, the ONLY thing that players need to do is to state somewhere on their sales thread that Wajas art is used. No specific credit for every piece is needed, just a single general statement. Another note: this allowance is only for art being sold on Wajas, for Wajas cu

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