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Hey everybody! I'm looking for someone who can code up an inventory system, or at least give me a quote for this sort of thing if they've commissioned something like this in the past so I can get an idea of my budget. 

The Rundown:

I run an art-based roleplay game over on deviantart, and we're slowly transitioning more and more of our information offsite and looking to upgrade different features as we go. Eventually, we're looking at building an entire website based around the concept and using the assets we've acquired (item art, npcs, backgrounds, etc) but right now we're deviantart based. 

Right now, our inventory system is entirely based over on google docs, which is laggy and easy to mess up, irritating at best. We're looking to get a basic inventory system, with multiple tabs to allow for different types of items, and a top bar listing our various types of currency and how many. Staff should be able to manually get in and add or remove items as needed, and I'd love to easily be able to edit the database of items to add more in. 

NOT SURE IF THAT MAKES SENSE, hoping to find a programmer who is happy to work with me somewhat live time so I can elaborate as we go. 

Any takers? Obviously willing to throw in writing work if wanted, and I might be able to wrangle some physical artwork as well if interested. 


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