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If you're living in the northern hemisphere of Terrafrost, you've probably noticed the temperatures soaring higher than ever. Now's a better time than ever to take a trip to the water park with your Pets -- and pick up these cool new Items while you're at it!


If you have any Pets that are afraid of the water, this fun floaty might be just what they need! You can find it at the Toy Trunk or earn it as a reward from the Plushie Quest. Remember to pick up a few extras, because the Space Quest will begin asking for it next week.

Frozen Floaty

And for those extra-scorching days, you might want to have a Frozen Floaty on hand. You can get it by putting a regular Floaty in the Ice Box. We'd also like to note that the Snowman Quest will begin seeking this super cool Item in one week!

Expensive Faulty Sunscreen

After a long day in the sun, nobody likes dealing with painful burns on their skin. Your Pets will be best off to avoid the Expensive Faulty Sunscreen though, this is one sunscreen that won't be helping anyone. If your Pet still insists on getting some for the lovely bottle it comes in, you can find it stocked at the Grooming Parlour. This Item won't be involved in any quests, so your pet can keep it all for themself.

Soggy Hot Dog

The concessions in Terrafrost never let anything go to waste. If you want an unconventional snack to enjoy while you're chilling in the sun, consider giving a Soggy Hot Dog a try. Find it at the Glacial Grocer or receive one after completing some Candy Quests. The Alien of the Space Quest will be craving them next week, too.

Water Park Stamp

We'd like to wrap this news post up with an exciting new collectible -- the Water Park Stamp! Even if water parks aren't your thing, there's surely a place for this vibrant Stamp in your collection. You can find it at the United Terrafrost Post Office. No worries about stocking up, either, because it won't be involved in any quests.

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