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Artist for Hire - Dinocanid

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I mainly do animal/creature art. This includes adoptables and illustrations that pretty up the site. This does not include humans because I have zero skill at drawing such. Buildings and furniture don't go well for me either; so I can't draw shop interiors or anything.

If your website has a particular style you want kept, then I will try my best to mimic it.

If you're interested in commissioning me, either send me a PM, DM me through Discord (Dinocanid#6171), or send me and email at [email protected].

-Illustration Examples-


the_lich_queen_by_hoafan-dbqe3py.png male_dusk_study__2016__by_hoafan-das77t7

zawadi__cub__by_hoafan-dai61bn.jpg toxic_in_the_moonlight_by_hoafan-d9dft6g

donor2018_by_hoafan-dcdorok.png dragon_dance__wip_v_2__by_hoafan-dccten8black_mountain_by_hoafan-dbs0h9k.png253259547_gillhoundref.thumb.png.08124b587e82ffe822fa8531eb9f2f14.pngApollo3.thumb.png.dd8426f872202cb8e746203875e27b3c.png

More examples available on my DA

-Item Examples-



-Pet Examples-


- Toony Style -



- Semi-realistic style -



- Mostly-realistic style -


If you would like to see what I can do before hiring, I am capable of providing a sketch (no color or shading, just a rough sketch). After hiring, I usually check back during the art process and am open to suggestion/feedback to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result.

Every month is counted as 30 days.

I draw relatively fast and, depending on the complexity and detail, can finish a piece in 2-3 days, give or take a day. (If really simple, I can sometimes finish the same day)

If requested, I can provide an art stream (via picarto.tv) if you wish to watch me draw live and give immediate feedback. This comes with no extra cost.

No refunds will be given; this is partially because PayPal takes tax between transactions (You wouldn't receive the full amount back and extra would come out of my account). You are expected to pay through the PayPal.me link given upon ordering.

Please do not claim any artwork I provide as your own work.

Below is a list of base prices. If needed, I can work out deals/haggle through PM to meet your specific needs.

  • Pet lineart: $10 per image (so a set including baby, teen, and adult lineart would be $30)
    • $5 for shading
    • $5 extra for any more than 3 colors/patterns
  • Items: $3 per image
  • Environment/Background: $20
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More examples, adjusted prices
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