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Contribution For Kinder Pets


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Hello guys i am silverbrick and i am a student who is trying to create a pet sim game and it's name is kinder pets now i think i should directly come to the main agenda..

Would you like to contribute kinder pets as artist ?

guys if you are interested in making arts and want to contribute to the game then you are most welcome to do so and message me regarding it and the reason i could not hire artist to make art is shortage of money but i could promise that once the website is success-fully released i might give you salary or bonus $$

Would you like to contribute kinder pets as fan of it ?

guys i would like to most welcome you to do so if you are fan of the game then you can support me by joining the discord channel of it ^^

Here Is The Invite Link

Who pay for the host of kinder pets ?

since i am a student and i can't afford the host is provided to kinder pets by one of my best friend @mortain  ^^

Who is coding kinder pets ?

well my friend @mortain brought a pet game framework for me and with my basic knowledge of coding, i am coding it ^^ and till the coder @PaulSonny too helped me in tweaking some codes so i am thankful to him also ^^


More Information Of Kinder Pets Is Provided At This Thread


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