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Welcome to a place of vast valleys, lush forests, and busy markets. A place with a multitude of exotic and rare creatures. A place where the possibilities for creation are nearly endless. Welcome to Cybura!



Cybura is a pet collection site where you can create multiple customizable characters, collect and customize dozens of different pets and even team up with friends to fight the opposing kingdom. Create your champion, serve your king and buy, sell or trade exotic pets to become one of the most valued warriors in the land!

Male_Base_Preview.png       Female_Base_Preview.png


The two realms of Cybura are currently at war so choose your king wisely! Users serve their king faithfully, or not if they so choose, but can also travel to the neighboring kingdom by using special crystals for limited periods of time. Each kingdom offers different items, pets and even its own currency so exploration is key for the avid collector. Users can also travel to the Peace Realm where they can trade with other users to purchase items, pets or currency they may be missing or want.


Cybura offers a character customization engine that allows users to make four or more characters to use throughout the game. Users can create a unique appearance by changing the character's hair, facial features, attire, even the nail polish of each avatar! Create a ninja, archer, knight, cleric or one of the many other class options, level them up by exploring and battling and even take them into battle against the opposing kingdom. Everyone starts out with four slots and can purchase additional ones with in game items to have as many different classes as they choose to handle. Complete the creation by naming each avatar and customizing the individual pages to give your characters back story and goals in their bio.



There are dozens upon dozens of different pets that users can collect in the land of Cybura. Certain breeds are native to each kingdom so collecting all of them may not be as easy as it seems. Each breed offers different color schemes with primary colors being offered in the wild and more complex colors obtained through breeding. Pets differ in rarity, ranging from normal to rare and finally elite, and go through three stages of growth: baby, adult and elder. Users can even use Injections and items on their pets, to give them special markings or add-ons such as wings or horns, and even evolve pets to change their appearance by meeting specific requirements. Users can also breed pets together to make special colorations and marking combinations for a truly unique pet. Once users have the perfect look for their furry or scaly companion, they can take them exploring or into battle and evolve them to increase stats to make the ultimate companion for their adventure.




The champions of Cybura can do battle in two styles: static, for the more laid back explorer, or strategic for the more tactical warrior. They can travel the lands and defeat various monsters, collect creatures and enjoy the spoils of their victories. Users can even band together with allies to defeat tougher foes or just to enjoy the company. When fighting monsters gets monotonous, users can form teams and launch an assault against their biggest rivals in PvP battles.


Cybura offers a wide range of collectable pets, near endless character customization and hours of entertainment in the battle arena. Once you’ve shined your armor, sharpened your blade, fine-tuned your best trap and packed your travel bag, there’s only one question left to answer: Which king will you serve?













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@VelvetVixie I see now, we are working on the breeding so some species and avatar related things have changed, it should be all fixed now, however your account wasn't properly created. I have deleted your account and you can re-register and everything should go well. :)

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@Cybura Oh thanks! I didn't know if that was a glitch or if my computer was just being dumb so I was just going to try again later :P


EDIT: I registered and it didn't redirect me anywhere, but when I went back to the homepage I was logged in. So that works :)

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Really love the art style and also the human avatars, usually I'm not fond of those things but the dragon images and other creatures SOLD me afterwards lol  Just signed up and going to take a look around~

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13 hours ago, Camy said:

Really love the art style and also the human avatars, usually I'm not fond of those things but the dragon images and other creatures SOLD me afterwards lol  Just signed up and going to take a look around~

Haha, glad to have you onboard and really hope you enjoy your stay. Next update is coming soon btw. :D

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