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Posting of Game News and Updates


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So, some of you might have been following the recent thread about FelisFire being put for sale by it's owner:

I wanted to reiterate my viewpoints on news here as well.

  1. Game news can be posted here by any of our members, not just he game owners.
  2. Unless the news post is designed to create drama, or attack a person directly, it is okay to post.
  3. We encourage game owners to offer official responses, we really do!
  4. News is moderated like any other topic here on the boards.

Point 1 and 3 brought up something that I wanted to point out:

No Game can honestly expect the release of their news or updates to be kept private if they post it in a public, or semi-public (logged in member) area. If it is consumable by members, it is consumable by the public at large. Point 3, unless there is a valid legal reason to restrict the news being posted (legal in sense United States law, with respect to journalistic laws and rights afforded), I will not restrict the posting of news for any game site. If a game's owner wishes to control information, they should step forth and post it before a member does.

I believe in the freedom and transparency that comes with allowing the community to post news and updates. I applaud how @Navy handled the posting, as it kept other parties private and was handled very well. I can respect the need for official responses, and I totally 110% encourage them. I will not keep news postings restricted to only game owners though, even if that game owner or staff wishes it so.

I am not doing this to be combative or militant. I am doing this to create a sense of transparency within the community and industry by just being open about it. My primary role is to encourage this community to share and grow, and I am not going to limit what our members can do for any game owner who wishes to keep their games information restricted or controlled outside of their game.

If any game owner has questions or concerns, they may contact me via a PM, or on Discord, and we can gladly and openly discuss.

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I think there's a big difference between covering big site news that effect many (such as this) and doing a tabloid-esque "he said she said" covering of a situation. One is true journalism while the other aims to smear a specific person or peoples. I think as long as news covers the game as a whole rather than people and is not painted with bias or unfairly then all information lawfully obtained is free game. If that thread were titled "Staff lie to FelisFire!" and focused only on smearing staff members and not the wider scope of the situation, then I'd say it's inappropriate. A good news article will not make assumptions and will promote transparency.

I think the principles of journalism are a staple for anyone who reports news, even for pet sims.

1. JOURNALISM’S FIRST OBLIGATION IS TO THE TRUTH News must not be reported just to further your agenda or narrative. A free press (like this website) depends on having accurate facts put into meaningful context so that readers/players can draw their own conclusions.

2. ITS FIRST LOYALTY IS TO CITIZENS - The free right to information should be more valuable than any website and no website should be offered special protection from the truth.

3. ITS ESSENCE IS DISCIPLINE OF VERIFICATION - There must be a concept of objectivity and professionalism in all reports and articles. Even as a situation becomes more complex (or dramatic) there should always be consistent and transparent information, this is what separates journalism from other communication such as propaganda or fiction. While objectivity is not always possible or even desirable (in the face of inhumanity, for example), impartial reporting builds trust and confidence.

4. IT IS ALWAYS HUMANE - Words have significance and we all should be aware of the impact they have on others.

5. IT IS ACCOUNTABLE - Unfairness, even accidental, should be met with sincerity over cynicism and errors must be corrected. Those who report news are in a position of leadership and a direct line to players and the sites they love, this responsibility must be taken seriously.

tl;dr: What Digital said.

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