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What are your thoughts on E3 2017?

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I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread about this yet!

What did you think of this past E3? (This isn't the prettiest list, but it seemed to be the most complete summary for all platforms. Be sure to check on Youtube for trailers!)

Since I don't own a Switch or XBox, I'm really excited for the new Monster Hunter, Spiderman, and Horizon DLC for PS4! I've been following the creator of Moss on Twitter (some really enlightening WIPs) and I'm a little disappointed that it's likely only for the PS VR.

Many of my friends say that Nintendo "wins" E3 though - do you agree with them?

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I think Nintendo won E3 on the grounds of having the newest unique platform, and I have been impressed with the speed at which they are releasing games on the Switch. Previous E3's usually see whatever company releases the most impressive hardware taking the show.

I was impressed with the PS4 offerings, however I feel that Xbox still leads with variety of games on it. I understand that the quality of games are big, but I can also relate to variety (for instance, I don't play my consoles very often, but I like to be able to choose a wide selection when I do since I hardly complete games).

Overall, the games coming out on the different consoles were all relatively impressive.

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I've had my PS4 for a little while now, and I can definitely agree @Digital - the selection for the PS4 is still bare, even though it's been a few years already. I used to keep up on the PS Store's sales and poke around the digital download games, but a lot of them are pretty disappointing in uniqueness and length. I have a couple sitting around that I need to finish, but just aren't that interesting. It's got some really amazing exclusives, and I usually don't mind replaying games, but I want more!

I was disappointed that progress on The Last of Us 2 wasn't shared though. D:

Otherwise if I forget that I only have a PS4, I agree that Nintendo brought the best to E3! I'm excited to see more to come to the Switch!

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I'm an avid Destiny player and I've been excited for D2 since they announced it earlier this year, so I was glad to see some of that. They also revealed the Destiny 2 beta dates during E3, so that was exciting, though it wasn't actually during the major conference.

I'm also excited for Monster Hunter. I gave up on the series when it went to handheld-only on 3DS. I just didn't have as much fun with the game as a handheld as I did on my screen, so it's awesome to see it coming back to a console -- and a better one, at that! No offense Nintendo, I love you, but your consoles aren't powerful enough for super serious big games.

And the HZD expansion, as well. Horizon was literally one of the best games I've played in years as a standalone, complete story and plot... I'm excited to see where it'll go from here. 

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Although I was not there to actually watch E3, I have to say that Monster Hunter may be the only reason I would use my brother's PS4 (cause I wouldn't want to PLAY God of War 5) (he has no say in this <w<). And the Mario/Sonic games that were announced... Top notch stuff. I'd get a Switch just for Odyssey. XD

On a side note... Anyone see the newest Marvel vs. Capcom? It's a marvelous thing to witness... 

And since I'm a super fan of Dragon Ball (Z), I really love the aesthetics of DB Fighters Z. oWo

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