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Pet calculation

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I am working on a new pet formula. I am thinking of 1:4 ratio for atk,spd,def and a 1:26 ratio for hp. I like the atk,def,and spd values.

The restriction is that only 2 fields can be the same and the other field needs to be either higher or lower than the others.

My big problem is with finding a formula for damage section.

My current damage max is 13 for level 2, level 3 it is 31, level 4 is 57 and level 5 is 91.

Can you help me find a method to find a good formula to the damage?


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I wouldn't know, but am interested in this. =D 

I know there are a lot of forumulas out there for large games. Maybe you could base it off of the most balanced game you can find? 

I have no experience with this, though. 

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