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IcePets.com: 2023 Team Contest Begins!


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Team Blue Audril FlagTeam Green Trido FlagTeam Red Dovu FlagTeam Yellow Sharshel Flag

We hope you've brought your competitive spirit, because it's time for the annual Team Contest! It will run from now until June 27th, 23:59:59.

All participants will receive the following (unless already active/obtained from previous years):

- Their Team's avatar
- Their Team's profile skin
- Their Team's forum title

Restocking Shopping PlushTeamworkChamp

Your Team and Teammates for this year are listed further below. The official IcePets Discord will have private channels for each Team, so if you'd like to chat with your team members and plan in private, hop on in!

Completing Quests will earn you 5 points, unless the quest giver requests an item with a rarity of rare or super rare, in which case it will be worth 10 points. Playing Jar Match, Coined, Sarshel Says, and Ice Breaker will earn 5 points for each successful score submitted. Restocking Items will earn your Team points based on rarity of the Items involved.

Rarity 1 = 1 Point
Rarity 2 = 2 Points
Rarity 3 = 4 Points
Rarity 4 = 7 Points
Rarity 5 = 10 Points

Blue ChipGreen ChipRed ChipYellow Chip
Bronze ChipSilver ChipGold ChipTeam Chip

Not only that, this year we are introducing Team Chips! You may turn them in to your Team Leader for a set amount of points, which is based on their rarity:

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow Chips = 5 Points
Bronze Chip = 10 Points
Silver Chip = 15 Points
Gold Chip = 20 Points
Team Chip = 25 Points

The Team Chip may be obtained by turning a Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Chip in to your Team Leader for them to combine. The others will be restocking in all Shops (except for the Snow Jar Igloo and Port Rakor) and may be given out as Quest rewards.

These Chips are supplemental to Item restocking, playing games and questing. You will still receive points for restocking Items that are not Chips, and for completing Quests that do not reward Chips.

Also, regardless of rarity, all restocking Chips are priced at 1 iP. This is intentional!

If you already did quests for today, do not worry! Those points have been added to your score for the day. Restocking points however, will only be tallied from this point on, with the official start of the event!

You may have also noticed some changes to our shops -- shop times have been decreased and you should notice more items being available. Also to help make questing easier, please visit this link to claim 14 days of free Gold Account time.

Team Audril Banner


Team Trido Banner


Team Dovu Banner


Team Sharshel Banner


Winner Trading CardCommemorative Pressed CoinSqwenda Plush

At the end of the event, you'll be able to spend your points (Team Credits) in the Team Contest Shop! You have until June 27th, 23:59:59 to earn points and rally your Team to victory, so go get 'em!

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