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Pocket Puma Pets: New Shops


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After reviewing the shops we decided it was time to shuffle some items around to make breathing room...

There may still be small tweaks and changes in the future, but for now, let me introduce the new shops!

The Great Outdoors - Environments

The old Environments shop is now known as The Great Outdoors, and primarily stocks outdoor themed enviros.


A Room with a View - Environments

Many of the interior environments have moved to this shop. Some brand new environments have snuck in too!


Bundle Up - Cold weather clothing

Warm scarves, mittens, gloves, things you need to keep warm!


Motion Pictures - Animated FX

A large portion of the animated items have been put into Motion Pictures, mostly from Special FX but a few from other shops to make some space.


Art for Art's Sake - Art & wall hangings

Posters, art pieces, wall hangings, paintings, and more!


Cooking Up Chaos - Kitchen things

Although this shop may not have much now, we plan to bring plenty of kitchen goodies to you soon!


I'm Looking Through You - Windows & Doors

The windows and doors have been pulled out of the other shops and found a new home here!


Bob's Spyglass - Sky decor

Clouds, balloons, moons and other atmospheric and celestial objects.


Limitless Sky - Sky scenery

Although this store also has sky objects like clouds, it is focused on the broader, puma-covering types of clouds and skies. Smaller clouds that don't take up the whole image can instead be found in Bob's Spyglass


Get Off My Lawn - Fences and borders

Fences, stone and brick walls, things to separate your lawns, gardens, and other outdoor areas.


Ground Control - Ground scenery

Previously known as A Change of Scenery, Ground Control is now focused on ground covers, grass, mountains, and other large outdoor scenery pieces.


The Dryad's Grove - Trees!

Trees trees trees!'


We Will Rock You - Rocks, boulders, crystals

Mostly pulled from The Garden Path, you can find all sorts of boulders and rocks and crystal clusters in here.


The Oasis - Desert theme shop

Sand, pyramids, cactus, everything you need for a desert scene!


Phew that was a lot of stuff!

Hopefully it is a little easier to find the things you need than before. A lot of shops were overflowing with items. (Some still are stuffed with too many goodies, we're working on it!)

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! :D

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