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HTML5 Game Suggestions and Feedback


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Hey all,

I've played with HTML5 before, but never created anything "published". I decided to crack open the HTML5 tutorials to start getting to grips with it.

I've made this... thing, and was wondering if you thought it had the potential to convert into a full blown game?

Click to focus, then WASD to move around. You cant die at the moment, but the idea would be that you lose lives if you touch them, and each time you collect a "fruit" a new monster appears.



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I like it, with proper death, and some tuning it could be a fun challenging game. I like the idea that it has a scaling level of challenge to it.

Great job on expanding and trying something new outside of your comfort zone, and look forward to seeing any updates you have for it!

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Wow, I like it! :D Definitely, keep going with it!

I notice it gets pretty wild after a dozen fruit or so. About how long do you want people to play this on average until they die? Until it becomes impossible to continue? Around 20 fruits? 50? I'd keep tinkering with tweaks after you get deaths going (enemies spawn after every other fruit, slower enemies, etc) to get that balance.

Excited to see the progress, please do share as you update it!

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Interesting concept, it's fun. 

I do think the first blue guy should spawn a bit farther away though, because it's usually impossible to actually get the first one, and then the other ones are also pretty much impossible to get, making it feel more luck based than skill which is somewhat annoying. I think a slight tweak to this would help though, but overall I find the concept to be pretty fun. Took a minute to understand why the path kept shrinking though, since I didn't realize it was from hitting the walls. 


Also sometimes the guys spawn too close to the edge in my opinion, well by too close I mean partially off. I'm not sure if you can go off the edge that much, but seems like you shouldn't try. Not sure how you managed 350 either, my highest was 200 something. It does make you want to keep trying though so success on that front.

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Haha yeah definately. I think there are many many tweaks to be made to it lol

I think overall, the main things to change are the speeds that the player moves and the speed increase for getting the boost.

The game 'freezes' the character when you 'die' purely because once I implement it into my game there would normally be a friendly popup at that point to tell you your score etc. I probably should have mentioned that haha :)

Thanks for the feedback, will definately take your points when i go back to start modifying it :D:D

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