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What are your interests beyond virtual pets/sims?


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Mountains are the best. The best flight I've ever been on took us right up the Rockies. ^_^ Sadly where I live is very flat so I live vicariously through others who are near mountains. XD

I like reading Georgette Heyer (she's so witty!) and playing Pokemon and Fire Emblem... I don't have a ton of hobbies or whatnot outside of pet site stuff. Oops. Music though, music is right up there with mountains on my "favorite things" list. Tops mountains actually, which is saying a lot.

When it comes to things I can learn I like studying psychology, and teaching myself Ruby was fun. (I don't /know/ Ruby, but I've learned intro stuff in the past.)

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I love diving. If I lived closer to the ocean, I'd do it every week but alas, I live in the mountains. I got certified last summer so if I ever get a chance to go, I jump on it. It's such an otherworldly experience to be able to breathe underwater and see animals we usually don't see because we, well, live on land. :P I'm going to revisit a quarry in the new few weeks to see some paddlefish.

Besides that, I just like learning. I constantly need to be challenged, whether it's through work or personal projects. In three years at my job, I've moved from a newbie out of college to a director.

For actual fun, I watch Asian dramas (Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, and sometimes Thai). A lot of people think that's weird, but there's actually a lot of Americans who follow Asian dramas, which a lot of the time are the live action version of an anime. But sometimes it follows its name and it's just a dramatic drama with memory loss, car accidents, and chaebols (the Korean word for rich people who inherit their family business). It's fun to have a window into a culture that is so different from my own. It's even encouraging me to learn Chinese. I can pick out words from the languages above except Thai (definitely harder for me in both written and spoken forms).

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I enjoy reading, though I don't always have a lot of time for it. Haven't read a lot of fiction in a while, though I used to a lot growing up. I have probably read more non fiction recently, mostly books on adoption and parenting since that is relevant to me currently.

Games other than virtual pet sites such as pokemon, zelda, rimworld, sims, and terraria and a lot of others. Some are just a onetime play through or more limited, others more long lasting time frame.

Playing with my Animals. I have a few rats, two cats, and a dog currently. Not always fun, but I do enjoy them and wouldn't want to not have any. 

I enjoy wathing movies and sometimes series. I prefer movies that can just be finished in a sitting though. I like a variety, but mostly ones with a bit more depth or meaning to them, or just different culture.

Very true, and I mean trying new foods as such as well. I would say cooking, but I mostly just like the end result. :P

And probably others as well. 

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