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Introducing the Game Directory (and last game directory)


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After the last few days, I have added a content module to the forums to allow us to manage content in a much better way. This means for games I now have a much less time intensive way to manage them. We now have a Game Directory for games, with several benefits including automatic posting of a thread to our Gaming Talk forum when a new one is added, as well as comment syncing to the games page.

Please note, I am still ironing out the templates and displays on some areas, but in the end everything will be nicely polished. More features will be added as well based on feedback.

Game Directory and Games are now a community powered :star:!

No longer will games in our listings be owned and managed solely by their game owners. All the games are editable by all members, so members can add to the overview or features. Your changes are logged, so if you do naughty things, you will be caught and dealt with. Should you find a game page with bad content, please report it by clicking Report Game.

The benefit for these to be managed by the community is that we can keep them up to date as a community. I would encourage all members interested in helping out to so by:

  1. Creating new Games that don't already exist, you do not have to own them, just know about them.
  2. Update existing games Overview and Feature descriptions. Especially the Features descriptions.

Game News, new place, new form.

So, game news and updates are now their own thing. When submitting news (again it is completely community powered), you will choose the game it belongs to (has to exist in our games directory), and off you go. These will be displayed more prominently in the future and can be used as regularly as needed for news and updates for our games. Feel free to start posting news for that game you play now, just make sure we have a game page for it already.

For existing game clubs: I have not migrated any blog posts/forum topics over. If you have public news to announce, please re-create your news items in the Game News section.

What about Game Clubs?

I am not getting rid of the Clubs, but instead I want them to exist for game owners to foster their own sub-communities here on the forums. If you know you have a following for your game, want to run a blog or forum for your game, create a Club for that content. I see Game Clubs being a great place to foster alpha/beta feedback or to post development updates that you may not want shared publicly on the boards as a whole.

I thought the Clubs were replacing the Game List/Directory?

I thought so too, but the feature set released turned out to be less then what I was expecting. Clubs are great for closed sub-communities, not great for promotion or sharing it outside of the club. For instance, I cannot share a Clubs forum topics outside of the club in a widget. It felt too restrictive. I feel that they have their place, but the Game Directory is for the public at large.

Not interested in helping curate our game list?

Then why not help by posting reviews and comments on the games that do exist? We are always looking for feedback on games and news. You also earn power for your Adoptable for posting reviews and comments!


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