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Duelingpets is a virtual pet world which allows users to create their very own pets and monsters.

Duelingpets Home of the Imaginative Creatures

Imaginative creatures are born from the user's dreams and fears filling the site itself with their own creations. Some for good others for evil. Imagination is the most powerful tool of a user as all the content on the site will be user generated. Everything from pets, items, banks, and other aspects of the site will be created by the users themselves. Duelingpets has been in development for at least 5 years. This version which is the rebuilt one has been worked on for two years and  is a complete revamp of the old site I previously had upwards.  I don't have a lot of screenshots on me right now so this one that I have is the best demonstration I have. I am the only coder for the entire site.

!!The site is incomplete at this phase in time.!!!

As of todays date December 5, 2017 all this code is only available on my local linux computer.


Help needed:

I need at least 10 Beta testers to make certain all the bugs have been resolved.

I am planning on enlisting 10 on each site I can post a link to. So I might get 40 tops if possible.

I don't have any funds to pay for testing at all and in this version I have no items, pets or anything to offer beta testers at this point.


Update 12/22/2017

Add the ability for users to create Radiostation, Mainsheets, Subsheets, and Sounds to the site.

This allows user to add audio to the site


Planned Ideas for Beta 2.0.0

Banks, shops, pets, items


Beta Version 1.0.0


Artwork(Nearly complete)


Audio(Currently being built)

Forums(In the queue)


Contact form and mail link(Complete)

Registration section(Complete)

Login section(Complete)

Stats section(In development)

Sitemap(In development)

Colorscheme(In development)



Moderators(In the queue)






New Feature Ability to upload Audio files:


Old Version of the Site:


New Version of the Site:

Currently on my linux computer and on github.

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