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We're currently preparing for the alpha testing phase for Saylua with targeting testing by the end of this year. Feel free to follow us on social media for updates. If you are interested in following the development of Saylua closely, we have a Discord server where we openly chat with fans and post frequent small updates. 

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Aww, I'm super honored to see all the responses on this thread! I hope we can do a good job and not disappoint~:D

@chutkat is indeed our wonderful lead artist, responsible for much of the beauty. :D The scenery art is also by Lyraina ( http://lyraina.deviantart.com/ )! 

I co-own the site with @mike! We share responsibility on the programming and writing. Both of us are professional programmers outside of our work on Saylua. So far we've been somewhat light in our marketing for the site and haven't released a ton of specific information on our plans for the gameplay, but we're trying our best to make the game into something that we love! 

I think for now, our Tumblr is probably the best place to follow if you want to learn more! I want to try writing a big info post with more information on our current vision for the gameplay sometime soon. XD We also have a Discord server where we often directly ask fans for feedback on things! I'll also try to post more updates here! 

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