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Are you right or left handed?


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So I am curious if you are right or left handed and if you feel that hand choice has had an effect on your creativity or logic since depending on hand choice you tend to use the opposite side of your brain a little more.

I happen to be one of those people who use my left. I also tend to be much more logical then most people I know. What about you?

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Ooh, left-hander! 

I'm right handed, not sure about logical vs creativity, but I heard artists draw things facing the opposite direction of their dominant hand. I'm not sure if this is true, but I definitely tend to draw things facing left. 

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I'm right-handed. That's interesting what you say about drawing things facing left, Hare. I've been doing that for years (I have to force myself not to), and I recognized it but thought it was just a personal thing.

Sometimes I try to write with or use my left hand just for fun. (I used to want to become ambidextrous, so I could write letters back and forth to myself with different writing.) I suppose my writing skill with my left hand is at second- or third-grade level.

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2 minutes ago, PaulSonny said:

I cannot write with my left hand though. Always baffled me!

I am the same but opposite, I cannot write with my right hand at all. However, my right hand is stronger at gross motor skills (opening jars for instance), while my left hand is much better at find motor skills (writing or delicate stuff).

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