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Frozen Musical Notes

Do any of your Pets have a talent for music? If they do, they're sure to love these brand new Items being released today!

Guitar Knife

First up is the Guitar Knife, which is a discreet multipurpose weapon for any music enthusiast. You can purchase it at the Battle Shop or receive it as a reward from the Space Quest. Next week, the Weapons Quest will be seeking it as well.

Bag Pipes Ice Cube

Next, we'd like to introduce the Bag Pipes Ice Cube. Even if you're not a fan of bagpipe music, this is a must-have collectible. Find it at the Frozen Collectives Emporium, or if you're lucky, you might get it as a reward from the Space Quest. You may want to pick up a few extras as well, because the Snowman Quest will start requesting this Item next week.

Mr. Tambourine Audril FigurinePaint Your Own Didgeridoo

We'd also like to inform you about the Mr. Tambourine Audril Figurine. It's a fun collectible for Pets of all ages! Pets who love being creative won't want to miss out on the Paint Your Own Didgeridoo. These items are available at the Toy Trunk as well as the prize pool of the Plushie Quest. In about a week, the Space Quest will be seeking them as well.

French Horn Bolognese

Finally, the French Horn Bolognese wraps up this list on a satisfying note. Your Pets will sing with joy when you serve this dish for supper! Buy it at the Glacial Grocer or do some Candy Quests for a chance to receive one as a reward. And make sure you have some leftovers to spare, because the Space Quest will start asking for it next week.


Time to wave your glow sticks, because the Rave Jakrit has danced into Terrafrost! This peppy Jakrit, which was funded by @Kamisheru14, is always down to party. So if you're looking for a little more excitement in your life, it might be the perfect Pet for you!

Rave Jakrit Morphing Potion Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion

Like all Rave Morphing Potions, you can purchase the Rave Jakrit Morphing Potion at the Raffle Store. Additionally, you can get it from the Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion, which is available at the Novitaria Store year-round. And if you have some Ice Cash on hand, we'll also be offering it at the I.C.E Shop until the end of May! It'll cost 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Accounts.)

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