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Wild Howlz

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Wild Howlz V2 is currently in Development

You may find and play Wild Howlz V1, but be aware that we no longer are fixing glitches and bugs found in that system as this system will be scrapped once the development for V2 is ready to go public. All data and information you create for V1 will no longer be valid and be completely wiped clean. 

So what is Wild Howlz?

Wild Howlz is an online fantasy wolf experience where you play as a wolf and grow a pack. Explore a mysterious world and learn about the strange creatures that inhabit it. Discover an in depth storyline and choose your fates, take on quests and challenges. Gather items and clues to unlock the world's secrets. Find your way of survival, grow, and breed the best wolves possible! 

As the game develops, all the secrets will be revealed. We plan to offer many numerous locations to explore, items to collect and craft, battle tactics, genetics, and  more! Currently are just a two man team working under Inkdog Studios, LLC, the owner of the game. We have a coder, and the other, our CEO and mastermind of Wild Howlz is also the artist, writer, and concept developer. We would love to make this game fully operational some time in the future, but the process is a slow go at the moment. Both members have to balance life situations such as finances and family and thus we cannot work on the game 24/7, but we do try as hard as we can. 

The game's current staff consists of @Aminirus the owner, artist, and writer and @Anoua , the coder 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please email us or check out any of the link below:

[email protected]

http://wildhowlz.com/   and https://wildhowlz.com/shop/ (for those who would like to show their support for the game)






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UPDATE as of August 1st, 2017

Now that I'm back from a combination of real life things, I'm happy to present that Wild Howlz is now working on its Explore feature. This feature lets you travel to different continents found on the Wild Howlz world. Each continent has their own regions to explore, providing members with a more exciting explore options that goes beyond the the boring "click and go". It'll take us a bit to work out all the artwork and coding for even 1 region due to how much we want players to experience and go beyond point and click. 

I will be sure to update on some of the items that will be found Region 1, but for now, you can enjoy some of the wildlife you may encounter and do battle with as you explore the region, take on quests, and try to grow strong enough to defeat the region's boss. Even region will feature a boss fight, where the boss will reward you with special items and skills if you can defeat them. Defeating bosses will also help secure your ability to travel to new regions and unlock higher levels for your wolves. Some regions that may belong to other continents can only be explored by wolves who have reached certain levels. Region 1 is meant to be easy and we do have Region 2 being planned out as well so we hope to provide members with something new to look forward to when they complete region 1. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we're making good progress and can't wait till it's ready enough for the public to come and test it out. 

Here are some of the creatures you'll encounter in Region 1 while you explore:

Ashen Rat_300x.png

Bush Deerling_300x.png

cottontail hare_300x.png

Flecked deer_300x.png

Midnight Crow_300x.png

sunburst vulpine_300x.png

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