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[June 5th] What are you working on this week?


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New weekly thread to ask the important question, what are you working on this week? What successes are you going to achieve? What does your schedule look like?

This week is mainly consisting of:

  • Work, which is busy due to it being Fair Season (we usually see a huge increase in system utilization during fairs, as they are huge business in the Point of Sale market).
  • Working on attempting to streamline things here a lot more and focus the community a little better based off feedback I have gotten.
  • Attempting to take walks more often - something I have horrible motivation to do regularly.

So, what is everyone else up to this week?

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For me work as well. Not particularly busier than usual though. But I have kind of front loaded my work a bit since I am working on a project that needs to get done and tested this week and there is a decent amount to do for it.

Other than that though I am working on a couple things on my games.

Eliyo I am trying to finish the upgrade to laravel 5 from 4. The notification system is what I was working on last, used a package for it, and the one for laravel 5 is pretty different and there isn't really an upgrade option for it, so was kind of a pain to switch over. I also want to run through different actions on the site to make sure there aren't any problems with anything. And then I have to actually switch it over, which may require me to upgrade my php version that is on my site, which I don't look forward too. And I can't really upgrade to 7, because Animal Acres has a couple deprecated features on older pages still. 

For Animal Acres I have been working on upgrading the goal system for a while now, and hope to make good progress on that. Would like to at least finish the main code portion, but have a couple art items to finish and actually filling in all the goals to finish as well which will take a bit. The code is very close however so might be feasible. 

Hoping to make some more progress on Wild Howlz as well. Been recently working on the den system so will continue on that this week. 

And I am hoping to get to sleep at decent hours this week. My husband recently switched to more morning shifts (starting at 6:30am have to be up before 6) so trying to make sure we get enough sleep. :)  Our naturally inclination is more like 11pm, but with these early shifts, that is just not enough sleep for us. 9pm would be better, but at 9:30 or so would probably be okay. I do feel more awake this week than last week though so progress.

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My schedule this week is unfortunately lots of work, and maybe just some leisurely activities after hours.

Our examination officer is off work, she's broken her foot and we are in the midst of GCSE and ALevels. She probably won't be back until August/September. So I'm taking over basically everything to do with examinations as well as juggling my own job on top of that (data analysis, student reports, etc).

We also had the exam inspector in yesterday, he only comes once a year and I was definitely not feeling that happy yesterday as we had a full year group for English yesterday morning (about 120 students to juggle).

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