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Wajas: WajaDex


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Today Waja Labs is releasing the WajaDex , a new way of searching for information about items, markings, mutations and breeds. What is the WajaDex? The WajaDex presents detailed information that until now has been tucked away in the wajas database. It presents information an organized, hierarchical way that you can filter and search and dig down into. At the top level, the WajaDex lets you browse four categories: Items, Markings, Mutations, and Breeds. Clicking on any of those links shows you an overview of everything in that category, and from there and you continue filtering by sub-category or by name. Clicking on an individual item brings you to a detail page showing a lot more information. How is the WajaDex different from the Library? Although both contain a lot of information, the Library is generally more freeform, contains a wider variety of information and walk throughs, and is more text-based and explanatory. The WajaDex has minimal text is more about showing info

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