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I declare a PC vs. Console war.

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Soo, since this appears to be a fun topic :P 

On 6/4/2017 at 6:42 AM, treemasterx said:

In my opinion, console wars have been bad overall. As being a former member of NeoGaf, i find that being a "fanboy" of a platform has caused utter nonsensical arguments and opinions blinded by corperate preference rather than what it the better option.


P.S : PCMasterRace FTW


On 6/4/2017 at 6:43 AM, N_E_Wunn said:

Not crazy about consoles, I'm also a Wii/WiiU player rather than PS4/Xbox fan. PCs are going strong and growing in gaming, consoles will be replaced sometime in the near future, imo, despite the manufacturers best efforts to keep them alive.

So PC Master Race is not nonsense at all.


PC or Console War, which is better and WHY do you feel it to be so?

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There are a lot of games that are available on multiple platforms, including PC. So I already have a powerful vehicle for playing games and it's able to be used for other things as well. Does a console actually do anything that my PC can't? 

(1) I can upgrade my computer easily to take advantage of state-of-the-art graphics

(2) A computer that plays as well (or better) than consoles can cost less for equal (or better) performance

(3) Games can be cheaper. Check out the sales and choices on Steam. Almost always less expensive than the console's stores. I don't like it? I can probably sell it back. And there aren't a lot of free-to-play console games. Then there are mods for some games that increase the gameplay options. Plus, all those legacy games, you can play in DOS Box, use emulators, a whole lotta fun things to do. And with VR/AR on the horizon, I don't have to go out and buy a new console to support it.

(4) I have an issue with motion sickness in certain games (first noticed it in Wolfenstein, lol). Consoles are generally locked at a Field of View of 60 degrees and you can't disable motion blur. PCs allow you to make those adjustments.

There are lots more reasons but those come to mind first. 

And have you dropped by a B&M store like Best Buy lately? There are now departments for gaming computers and equipment, much bigger than even a year or two ago. Manufacturers are pumping out a variety of gaming computers, I'd bet a lot of it is to take advantage of VR/AR, but I'd guess that the demand is up significantly. So until a console gives me a big difference in the way it is played, I'll stick with PCs. 

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I completely agree with @N_E_Wunn's biased view on the reasons on why PC gaming is better than Console gaming.

However until a PC can become convenient, I'm happy to always stick with my consoles.

My children have PS4, Xbox One, Wii and Xbox 360 all setup in their bedrooms, and they can click a button, put in a disc and play. The best part is that they had the PS4 3 years ago.. now I can go out tomorrow and purchase the LATEST PS4 game and they can simply slot it in and play it. No "setup the OS", virus scanning, concerns about hacking, upgrading because your new game wont run on it, etc.

The downside to PC Gaming at the moment is that you cant do this. Purchase a PC game that comes out tomorrow and try and run it on an average PC that is 3 years old, and it's likely you'll be missing some core component ("OMG I dont have PixelShader 3.0 on my GFX Card".) Time to upgrade my computer, yet again.

On the flip side, Factorio (PC exclusive) is my favourite game of all time.

-- This is just an opinion --

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@Nate brings up the interesting side concept of children and games. This is where consoles are absolutely wonderful. I can have my kids on a console playing in no time, and have absolute control over their experience and even more so, control over their presence online.

PC's although having reasonable control of children's activities are still limited.

My son for instance is all about Minecraft, I would rather he be on the Xbox then the PC, as at least on the Xbox I can monitor his online presence since some random Minecraft servers can be quite abusive.

I am however a recovering WoW addict.. so PC's are places where I look to play games to begin with.

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