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Festival of the Lion


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The sun is blazing as we take to the Savannah to celebrate Lion and his majestic (and at times, dangerous) region within Novilar. Three new option events have been released in Lion's realm! Explore the Savannah to encounter an aardwolf, a rather dirty zebra, or a mysterious tree. These contain a few new items as well, so choose wisely, and you may take home a rare Beetle minipet (hint: I hear they're arboreal) or a wheat stalk HA wearable. 


We are also pleased to announce MasterDaye (#2813) as our newest Skin of the Month winner! Congratulations on a lovely Deluxe Lion Skin! As always, the winning skin will be stocking in the Festival Stall for this month only, after which it will retire forever. Make sure not to miss out! 



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